Dead Youth: A Comedy

It’s 2016 and no one lives past 25. Duke is 24, makes funeral videos and business is good until a mysterious figure reappears in his life.

Dead Youth: A Comedy is looking to film in 2017 in the St. Louis area of Illinois. Want to stay connected, like the facebook page!

The Reluctant GodReluctant God image 2

What would happen if a writer met his characters face to face. What would happen if he tried to write them their lives’ dreams? What would happen if it all went wrong?

The Reluctant God is an attempt to discuss the creative process. Ted, a young, aspiring screenplay writer, doesn’t know how to end his first screenplay. In an effort to figure this out he attends a writers workshop, where he learns how to meet, and get to know, his characters… in the flesh. What then ensues is a story of “know thyself”, and “playing God”, and what can go wrong?

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